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Our software is a file transfer client written for Linux desktops, available under the terms of the GPL license. It supports the FTP, FTPS and SSH (SFTP) protocols. is written in C# for the Mono framework, using Gtk# for the user interface.

is still a young application. Lots of planned features are still missing, but the bare basics start to fall into place.

Why yet another FTP client?

No special reason or need. I know - we have lots of them already. This is just my hobby project, and I was never really happy with the look'n feel of any of the FTP clients for the GTK/GNOME desktop.

Does it work on Windows?

I have no idea. Probably not, but maybe in the future.

Credits and Acknowledgements

is influenced by a number of projects.
's basic FTP design was initially influenced by edtFTPnet by EnterpriseDT, but has later taken a different direction. And of course... I have to mention gftp. It is an excellent ftp client, but appears rather abandoned, which is partly the reason I started this project.

Huge thanks to the authors for making such great open source software!

I have tried to keep references to the original copyright holders in the source files that are more or less borrowed from other projects.

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