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News January 2009

Release plans
January 23rd 2009
So, 0.1.3 has been out for a while, and as with all releases, it came with some new features and both new and old bugs. I've been hacking a bit on this project lately and have a quite solid version coming along soon..

This is some of the things already in place in svn: Try the latest devel release or build from svn if you want to check it out. Please report any issues.

A 0.1.4 release can be expected shortly, and that will probably be the last 0.1.x release. The plans for 0.2 include a site manager for bookmarks and site specific settings.
Version 0.1.3 released
January 16th 2009
This new release offers several improvements and bugfixes. now has a new preferences dialog in a more gnomeish style and drag'n drop now works better with the rest of gnome. See the changelog in the download section for a morecomplete list of changes.

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