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News June 2008

SSH/SFTP progress
June 25th 2008
Ok, finally there is some results on the sftp effort. And best of all - it's done in 100% managed code.

I spent some time modifying parts of ShapSSH to make it fit my needs, and removing things that will not be used in plumFTP. I'm not too happy about the "javaish" style it has, but as it is a port of a java project I suppose it's natural. I've tried to "dotnetify" it a bit, and will continue that process. I also needed to clean out some code that seemed non-free. Basic things are now working, but there is still a lot of cleaning up to do.

The next major task in the development is to create a good configuration system. plumFTP still don't have any sort of configuration possibilities....

June 3rd 2008
Work on implementing transfers over SFTP (SSH2) has now started. I'm not sure I'll do it in a totally managed way or the gftp-way by executing ssh locally and accessing the sftp subsystem that way. I had hoped to avoid P/Invokes as long as I can, so I focus on the first option now.

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