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Archive for June, 2009

0.2.3 Released

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

0.2.3 is out!

This release is a result of the feedback received after 0.2.2. This release is mainly a bugfix release, and does not contain a lot of exciting news. It does however contain two features requested by several users: keyboard shortcuts and experimental support for PRET (for Distributed PASV). Thanks to all the people who reported bugs and contributed with feature requests!

New features:

  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    - F2 – Rename file
    - Alt+Up – Go to parent directory
    - Ctrl+R – Refresh dirictory
    - Ctrl+Right/Left arrow – Give focus to right/left panel
  • Experimental PRET support for Distributed PASV

Bugs fixed

  • Avoid duplicate bookmarks in menu after edit
  • Use specified charset when connecting via bookmark
  • Use specified port when connecting via bookmark
  • Preserve File Permissions now defaults to false
  • Fixed some window resize issues for small resolutions
  • Catch exceptions when mimetype icons don’t exists
  • Re-enable Bookmarks button if connect fails
  • Fixed bin script to point to correct libdir (Thanks loki_val!)

What’s next?
Unless nasty bugs are found, this will probably be the last release in the 0.2.x series. I’m starting the 0.3 development, and it is time for some changes to the underlying mechanics. The goal is to improve the threading in to easier avoid lockups, and give a smoother and more responsive GUI experience. In the process I hope to make the code more readable and understandable for others, to ease the potential inclusion of future co-developers on this project. I hope to have the next release out by late summer.

Wish you all a nice summer!
If you get bad weather and are stuck indoors you could spend some time translating into your language!


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