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0.3.2 released

Sunday, April 18th, 2010 at 00:36

0.3.2 is finally here. This release does not bring any new feautres, but contains a good number of bugfixes and improvements.

There has been some issues using with GNOME 2.30. The issues are related to some icon naming changes, and changes to GnomeKeyring. The icon issue is addressed in this release. The GnomeKeyring issue is really a problem with gnome-keyring sharp not being compatible with gnome 2.30. This has been addressed with patches on a few distros, and will hopefully be fixed in the near future on all distros using the newest GNOME.
So.. if you have Gnome Keyring enabled in and are using GNOME 2.30, and are experiencing problems with bookmark handling, the problem is most likely the gnome-keyring-sharp bindings

Bugs fixed

  • #34 – Missing icon issues in progress panel
  • Crash when recieving a 550 on changedir
  • #30 – Right click instability
  • #29 – Impossible connect to a server with different port via sftp
  • Ensure clean openssh exit on disconnect (no more defunct processes)
  • Fixed a bug in the configure script. –without-gnomekeyring now really works

Other improvements

  • Improved drag’n drop. More user friendly on multiple selection
  • Some ui improvents for error reporting
  • Better date formating in file lists

New and updated translations
Catalan (ca), German (de), Spanish (es), French (fr), Norvegian (nb), Portuguese Brazilian (pt_BR), Swedish (sv)

Translations now on Transifex
We’re trying out Transifex for translations. This will hopefully attract some new translators, and help keeping the translations up to date.
Head over to the Transifex project page to keep translations up to date or add new translations. We need more translations!

  1. Tomas Forsman says:

    Nice release, updating it for Foresight Linux repo. Keep up the good work.
    And thanks again for testing out Transifex, thinks thats the way to do it :)

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