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Latest news

translations at Transifex

April 11th, 2010

We’re trying out Transifex for translations.
Head over to the Transifex project page to keep translations up to date or add new translations. We need more translations!

0.3.1 is out!

January 3rd, 2010

This is a bugfix release following the recent 0.3.0 release. This release has no new features, but fixes a few issues reported.

For detailed information about the recent release you shoud read the release notes for 0.3.0.

Happy New Year to you all!

0.3.0 Released

December 22nd, 2009

About one year after the first public release of , version 0.3.0 is finally here.
Development was a bit slow during summer, but speeded up nicely the last couple of months.

0.3.0 is now available as a tarball. Packages for various distros will follow.

This release fixes a few nasty bugs preventing people to use sftp, and a great number of smaller fixes to the behaviour towards certain ftp servers. A cache is now enabled for remote file lists. This should speed up browsing remote sites back and forth.

A major change in this release is the ssh/sftp implementation. now uses openSSH, and
this means is much less CPU intensive when doing sftp transfers. This change also introduces the first C library in . To communicate with the sftp subsystem makes use of a library based on pty-sharp.

If built with support for Gnome Keyring (requires gnome-kering-sharp) can now optionally
store bookmark passwords in the default Gnome Keyring.

New features

  • New ssh implementation using local openssh
  • Optional password storage in Gnome Keyring
  • Bookmark backup/restore
  • Remember scroll position when going to parent directory
  • Possibility to do multiple ftp transfers simultaneously
  • Enable remote directory listing cache
  • Resizeable column widths in file views
  • Transfer progress displayed in window title when minimized
  • Auto reconnect on ftp session timeout

Other improvements

  • Better GUI responsiveness
  • More keybindings (actually working this time)
  • Some GUI improvements for better appearence on some themes
  • New translations: Polish
  • New dependecies
    now depends on gnome-keyring-sharp by default. It can still be built without this dependency by using --without-gnome-keyring with configure.

    Bugs fixed
    #23 – Can’t delete multiple folders at once
    #24 – Refresh option
    #25 – Cannot log in using SFTP
    #26 – exception entering a folder named “{”
    #27 – multiple transfer setting

Project update

November 1st, 2009

As the Scandianavian winter is getting closer I’ve finally been able to spend some quality time with my laptop, and do some work on . I’ve been looking into some of the reported bugs (thanks folks!), and a few structural changes.

Most notably, I’ve decided to scrap the managed sftp implementation and go for using the local ssh installation (everyone has one, right?). I had some trouble getting read/write to the sftp subsystem working, but it seems I’m getting there. This will introduce a small c library in . This will hopefully remove some of the problems some have reported using the current sftp implementation.

Given the massive changes I’m working on right now I guess the next release will be 0.3.0. In my current speed it will hopefully be ready before x-mas.

0.2.3 Released

June 18th, 2009

0.2.3 is out!

This release is a result of the feedback received after 0.2.2. This release is mainly a bugfix release, and does not contain a lot of exciting news. It does however contain two features requested by several users: keyboard shortcuts and experimental support for PRET (for Distributed PASV). Thanks to all the people who reported bugs and contributed with feature requests!

New features:

  • New keyboard shortcuts:
    - F2 – Rename file
    - Alt+Up – Go to parent directory
    - Ctrl+R – Refresh dirictory
    - Ctrl+Right/Left arrow – Give focus to right/left panel
  • Experimental PRET support for Distributed PASV

Bugs fixed

  • Avoid duplicate bookmarks in menu after edit
  • Use specified charset when connecting via bookmark
  • Use specified port when connecting via bookmark
  • Preserve File Permissions now defaults to false
  • Fixed some window resize issues for small resolutions
  • Catch exceptions when mimetype icons don’t exists
  • Re-enable Bookmarks button if connect fails
  • Fixed bin script to point to correct libdir (Thanks loki_val!)

What’s next?
Unless nasty bugs are found, this will probably be the last release in the 0.2.x series. I’m starting the 0.3 development, and it is time for some changes to the underlying mechanics. The goal is to improve the threading in to easier avoid lockups, and give a smoother and more responsive GUI experience. In the process I hope to make the code more readable and understandable for others, to ease the potential inclusion of future co-developers on this project. I hope to have the next release out by late summer.

Wish you all a nice summer!
If you get bad weather and are stuck indoors you could spend some time translating into your language!

included in the fedora repositories

April 30th, 2009

I was recently informed that is now included in the official fedora repositories. Users of fedora 10 (and soon 9) can now easily install using the standard repositories and tools. As far as I know this is the first major distro to officially include it. Great news! And a great job by the fedora packaging guys!

Several other distros now also provide test/community/unsupported packages of . We’ll see who will be the next to officially include it..

It is also a bit interesting to see how almost every mention of in forums and blogs tends to end up in a great debate about Mono. I will probably post my views on this here later.

0.2.2 released

April 5th, 2009

A new version of is out!
This version brings more translations, a new tango style icon, and fixes for some minor issues.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fixed some minor issues in file manager causing problems when trying to access non-existing directories.

New features:

  • New tango style icon and logo! Big thanks to Kalle Persson for the new design!
  • New translations: German, Catalan and Portuguese Brazilian.

0.2.1 released

March 21st, 2009

This version fixes some minor bugs, and has a few gui improvements. now also includes an Italian translation (Thanks Gianvito!).

Bugs fixed:

  • #5 – Crash when trying to upload parent directory

New features:

  • Added access to personal bookmarks from the bottom of bookmarks menu
  • Italian translation (by Gianvito Cavasoli)

0.2.0 released

February 28th, 2009

A new version of is here!

New features and improvements

Bookmark system
A bookmark system is finally in place. Bookmarks can be added manually in
the bookmark dialog, or automaticly by adding a bookmark to the site you are
currently connected to. Bookmarks can be organized in folders and can be dragged
and dropped using the treeview.

Bookmark dialog

Stored bookmarks can easily be accessed using the Bookmarks menu item. It
replaces the connect button, which has been moved to the right end of
the toolbar.

Bookmarks menu

Note: Passwords are currently stored in clear text. The bookmarks file
is stored in the user home directory with the most restrictive permissions
possible. It should be quite safe if you keep your home directory
permissions in order, but clear text is clear text. I don’t know if this
will ever change. needs the clear text version of the password, and
if can decrypt it, anybody can.

More FTP servers supported
There are a lot of directory listsing styles out there, and now
supports more of them. This version has support for some VMS directory
listings, and more varitions of the UNIX style listings. The screenshot
below shows connected to a VMS TCPware server.

Bookmark dialog

Other minor improvements
This version also brings some minor bugfixes and improvements. Aborting
transfers should now work better in most cases. Moving queued transfers up
and down in the queue now brings less nasty surprises. And as always we have
updated French, Norwegian and Spanish translations.

Known issues
does currently not support SSL session reuse. This may cause
problems when using protection level P (encrypted data channel) with servers that require session

needs more translators!
Want to translate into your language? We currently have quite complete translations on French, Spanish and Norwegian. But we need more! If you want to translate into a language you know, please drop me a note (see contact email on front page).

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and cintributed with ideas. Special
thanks to Simon Leblanc for all the help!

Heading for 0.2

February 23rd, 2009

After a rather idle period, the development is back on track for the 0.2 release. The main focus for 0.2 has been a bookmark system. As a preparation for 0.2 you can try the 0.1.9x development releases found in devel-snapshots. I even made a Ubuntu package.

I really want to smoke out as many bugs as possible before the 0.2 release. So please give 0.1.9x a try and report any bugs you may encounter.

Things to check out in 0.1.9x
Ok, we have a new bookmark system. It should be quite traditional and intuitive. The connect button has moved, and a Sites menu has taken it’s place. Bookmarks can be added manually, or by adding the current connected site. You can edit the bookmarks and folders and move them around in the treeview. A word of warning: currently stores bookmark passwords in clear text.

If you have access to a VMS style ftp server, should now be able to browse and transfer files for some of those systems.

needs more translators!
Want to translate to your language? At the moment we have quite complete translations for Norwegian and French, and a partially Spanish one. Please contact me if you want to contribute! (see contact info on front page)


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